What is a Tutoriage exploratory case study and essay to begin with? A Tutoriage essay is a written out arguement on a specific topic. This form of essay must have five separate paragraphs in the body of it and these paragraphs do include one that is introduction in nature, three others that make up the general body of the essay itself, and one paragraph that specifically closes the essay and concludes what it has to say.

The three other paragraphs that make up the body, not only help develop the essay, but support it a great deal too. Due to the specific structure of this particular essay, it is known by three separate names. These three separate names do include hamburger, the three-one, or three-tiers essay.

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Each of these five paragraphs in this essay is created to serve a certain purpose. For instance, the introduction paragraph is the paragraph that does hook or grab the attention, which usually reads like a narration of sorts. If a thesis type of essay is used with this particular format. The first paragraph becomes a narrative that reads very interestingly and it is followed along by a sentence that contains the general theme, and another sentence that confines the sentence before it with a focus based on the previous one. Once these sentences have been introduced formally, the writer of the essay then reduces the focus of the essay discussion a bit and uses one specificissue or arguement to analyze further in detail. Usually, at this stage of the essay, an organizational sentence is then added. This organizational sentence assists with helping to illuminate the lay-out of the essay. The very last sentence for the first paragraph illustrates the exact thesis which the writer is trying to state in full. This thesis often follows an outline of the essay itself. This outline is called a road map and it explains a hidden plan as to what the threebodyparagraphs will talk about and then present each thing in order of the presentation it will take place in the essay. The last paragraph presents all of the main points that were covered throughout the essay and powerfully does re-assert the writer’s position on the issue or arguement being presented. The last paragraph should mention all of the key points, but it does not have to re-hash all of the examples one by one.


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